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Background Information

Aquoise is the beautiful water kingdom in ‘Merica. It is located in the bottom-right portion of ‘Merica’s map. It is also known as the “Floating Lotus” as the kingdom literally floats on water. Aquoise’s government is a triumvirate formed by three ladies. The occupants of Aquoise specialize in glass blowing production.


Aquoise has a triumvirate form of government. A triumvirate is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each a triumvir. These individuals are able to represent the mixed population who live within Aquoise. These three leaders act as a balance to avoid corruption of power. The three leaders of Aquoise are Oliva White, Emma Hunt, and Helen Rincon. There is not much known about these individuals and for such, they are known as the Three Mysteries. Rumors surround Aquoise’s triumvirate. The three individuals are said to be women. Despite the little known about them, they lead a large nation with great ability, representing all the population equally and trying to satisfy the needs of their nation. Despite the little that is known about the triumvirate, they have drastically changed the nation. It is said that Aquoise started as a small village, and these three individuals gradually made a nation out of it.


Aquoise is observed at the bottom-right portion of the map, surrounded by large bodies of water.

Aquoise is located in the bottom right portion of the map.


The national colors of Aquoise are turquoise and silver. The turquoise represents the cool water that surrounds the kingdom of Aquoise.


Our mascot is a vicious sea monster that lurks in the nearby seas. His name is Aquaman. Aquaman is able to communicate with both land and sea creatures. His main job is to protect the kingdom of Aquoise.

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