April 3, 2012 - First meeting of Bibliographic Citation Tool Evaluation Planning Group

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April 3 Planning Session


  • Linda Gilbert
  • Patti Lee
  • Joy Bolt - Library
  • Denise Arnold, AEC/English
  • Dan Vollaro, English
  • Jo Anne Harris, English
  • Yi Ding, ITEC and Faculty Technology Committee


Requirements include culture and considerations of pedagogy.

Getting participation: Consider contacting "Point of Contact" for each discipline, where available. (SLA has an official person; SST has a mailing list.)

Send out general invitation to participate via email between April 30 and May 9.

Consider looking at products intended to instruct as well as create a bibliography (Dan Vollaro knows of some publishers - Bedford Handbooks? - who have such products.)

Tutorials for citing would be nice. Check YouTube and Lynda.com.

Investigate possibility of getting trial copies of products for testing.

Next Steps

Linda will set up another meeting between 4/30 and 5/7. Everyone will try to get broader participation across disciplines.

Linda will add criteria used in the other evaluations we have located.

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