Animal Development

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What is fertilization?

How does the sperm penetrate the protective layers of the egg?

How does block to polyspermy occur?

Name the 3 steps following fertilization that develop the zygote into an organism?

Describe the three types of eggs and their cleavage pattern

Compare cleavage in sea urchin, frogs and chick

What is gastrulation? What does it do to the developing embryo?

What is the difference between a totipotent and pluripotent stem cell?

Describe gastrulation in sea urchin?

What is the primitive streak?

What is cellular differentiation?

Describe an experiment that helps one know whether a cell has become determined/ committed.

What is an organizer? How do some cells become organizer cells?

What are cytoplasmic determinants?

What is induction? Describe how induction helps develop the neural tube.

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