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You may have heard of the Great gods of Greece and the myriad of myths surrounding them. But what would a god be without a goddess?

Amphitrite is the goddess of the ocean; of the roaring waves that can erode mountain faces, and swallow ships whole. She is said to have been ruler of the sea before even Poseidon, her husband. Amphitrite was so entirely confined in her authority to the sea and the creatures in it that she was almost never associated with her husband, either for purposes of worship or in works of art, except when he was to be distinctly regarded as the god who controlled the sea.


Constitutional Monarchy

In this form of government a constitution is written to limit the power of the monarch. This is helpful to the people because it prevents tyranny.

In Amphitrite decisions are made by popular vote,in which the monarch has the final say.


Purple and Silver


The Wolf


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In Grizzwood forest

What's The Big Idea

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