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  • Wiki is one of internet collaboration tools. We are going to experiment using wiki for our class.



additional help

Request an account

  • You can request a Wiki account via the following link:

Wiki Account Request


PROJECT #3 (Collaboration System) presentation (10 points)

Students form a small groups (1 to 3 persons per team). Each team pick a topic (one of collaboration systems).

Sample topics:

  • 'Wiki'
  ** Wikipedia
  ** GGC wiki
  • 'Sharepoint'
  • 'Web-CT'
  • 'Outlook Calendar'

The team shall research the selected collaboration system, its application and features. Based on the research results, each team creates a PPT presentation to summarize the findings.

(Limited to 6~12 pages of ppt.)

Formal due date will be posted in Web-CT.

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