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Team Members

  1. Sarah Olawumi
  2. Bennie Hardeman

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Use of Computers in education and learning

  • In this era its very uncommon not using computers in eduation and school work , almost every home, all schools and librarys have computers to operate.
  1. Typing papers: When you reach the 8th grade thats when teachers start gettin serious about yping your work rather than having it hand written, and the only way to acheive that is the use a computer (like microsoft word or some other engine of the sort)
  2. Power points: Honestly I cannot recall the last time my teacher, instructor, boss, etc. has givin me notes to take that was not formatted on a power point.
  3. Research: Most research is dont through the internet on search engines like Yahoo, Google, Wiki which is all procesed through the internet which brings me to the last point
  4. Internet: instead of student lugging around books they can access most of them online, when teacher have assignment the child can go online to there website and see what they missed. also regestering for classes can be a breeze which the use of internet at the comfort of your own home. Even online tutors
  • Eduaction and learning is almost impossible now a days without the use of a computer.


  1. replaces chalkboards, paper usage etc. Enables the students to read what has been written more easily than instructor's handwriting.
  2. instructor's can beter prepare their lesson plan for the day and have a better uderstanding of whats going to be taught in order.
  3. instructors and students can access each other, class assignments, readings etc.


  1. connections to internet may be slow and unreliable
  2. Not all students can access a computer outside of school
  3. could also be an inclass distraction
  4. expensive to get a vast amount of supply for computers

Class activities

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