"The Little Girl From Out Of This World" Trailer

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Ken Laxamana Movie Trailer Script

Written and Directed by Ken Laxamana

Cast Members: Ken, Kyle, Katelyn, Roselyn, and Mark Laxamana


"The Little Girl From Out Of This World"

Ken's Intro: Rated G, all audiences prohibited (as green preview screen displays)

[starts with meteors crashing to Earth]

Ken: What was that?! It's over there!

Mark: Look, there's a child!

Roselyn: We can not just leave it here.

[scene with Katelyn as a baby learning how to walk; Pink Panther theme plays]

[insert caption: "But what they did not know... Is that there was another one"]

Kyle: gives evil laugh

[small clip of tidal waves crashing on to the mainland]

[insert caption: "On July 24th... comes the greatest superhero the world will ever see"]

[scene with Katelyn simply standing in front of camera]

[Lord of the Rings Soundtrack plays]

[insert caption: HEAT VISION]

[scene with Katelyn beaming down Kyle]

[insert caption: SUPER STRENGTH]

[scene with Katelyn punching and tackling Kyle]


[scene where Katelyn is running around the house, then ending with a stand-still of Katelyn in a heroic stance]

[trailer ends with title "The Little Girl From Out Of This World"]

[credits; Written by Ken Laxamana; Dedicated to his little brother and sister, Kyle and Kate]

[video ends with a picture of Kyle followed by a picture of Katelyn]


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